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Course: NX3 Advanced Manufacturing


NX3 Advanced Manufacturing provides proven techniques in creating multiple axis mill and machining center toolpaths.

Focusing on Multiple Axis Milling, and Drilling, the course covers: 4-5 axis Point to Point, 3+2 Axis Planar Mill, Cavity and Z-Level, 3-5 Axis Variable Contour milling, and Sequential Mill.

Using Manufacturing Master Models, students will develop, modify, output and document 3-5 Axis Mill Toolpaths.

Intended for CNC Programmers and Manufacturing Engineers needing to create 3-5 Axis Toolpaths.

  • Practical NX Design AND Basic Manufacturing or equivalent.
  • LIVE Online training requires each student attend a Free Demo of our Virtual Classroom, prior to their course.
Duration:    3 days, 8 hours per day at: Your Facility, or
                     6 days, 4 hours per day:      Live Online

Cost:            $ 900.00 / student
    4-5 Axis Point to Point
  • Tool Axis
  • Clearance, Avoidance
  • Multi Axis Drill Operations
  • Drill Cycles, Cycle Sets
  • Visualization
    Planar Milling
  • 3+2 Axis basics
  • 2D Profiling, Tilted
  • Pocket Milling, Tilted
  • Face Milling, Tilted
  • Cut patterns
  • Visualization
    Cavity, Z-Level Milling
  • 3+2 Axis basics
  • Cavity Mill Operation
  • Z-Level Operation
  • In-Process Workpiece

    Variable Axis Milling
  • Concepts and uses
  • Tool Control
  • Variable Contour Operation
  • Drive Methods
  • Consider the Machine

    Sequential Mill
  • Concepts and uses
  • Full Control APT style
  • Point to Point motion
  • Engage, Retract
  • Continuous path

    Customizations and Templates
  • Usage
  • Customizations
  • Creating Templates
  • Customize Templates