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Course: NX3 Advanced Modeling


NX3 Advanced Modeling is designed to help students add to their knowledge gained from the Modeling or Practical NX Design course.

This class teaches techniques of Sketching, Features Modeling, Free Form surfacing, Inter-Part Modeling, Expression associativity and Mating Conditions, while utilizing Master Models and instilling Best Practices.

Intended for Designers, Engineers, and Managers who need to take it to the next level and build on their Modeling skills.

  • Practical NX Design or Modeling or equivalent.
  • LIVE Online training requires each student attend a Free Demo of our Virtual Classroom, prior to their course.
Duration:    3 days, 8 hours per day at: Your Facility, or
                     6 days, 4 hours per day:      Live Online

Cost:            $ 900.00 / student
    Feature Operations
  • Sew
  • Patch
  • Taper
  • Offset Face
  • Trim Body
  • Thread
  • Instance
    Free Form Features
  • Ruled
  • Through Curves
  • Through Curve Mesh
  • Swept
  • Bridge surface
  • N-Sided Surface
    More Free Form Features
  • Transition
  • Law Extension
  • Offset Surface
  • Enlarge
  • Sheet Boundary
  • Reverse Normal

  • Edge Blend
  • Face Blend
  • Soft Blend
  • Variable Radius Blend

    Master Model Assemblies
  • Mating Conditions
  • Inter-Part Expressions
  • Working Concurrently
  • Cloan Assemblies
  • Substitution

  • Making complex shapes
  • Using Booleans
  • Constraints
  • Capture Intent
  • Make it Robust