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Course: NX3 Assemblies


NX3 Assemblies will help you learn to build and work with Unigraphics Assemblies using Top-Down, and Design-in-Context methods.

Students Add, Create, manipulate and Substitute Components while learning to use Mating conditions, Reference sets and Inter-part expressions.

Intended for anyone in the product cycle that needs a strong understanding in the usage, building, managing, and modification of Unigraphics Assemblies.

  • Practical NX Design, or Modeling.
  • LIVE Online training requires each student attend a Free Demo of our Virtual Classroom, prior to their course.
Duration:    3 days, 8 hours per day at: Your Facility, or
                     6 days, 4 hours per day:      Live Online

Cost:            $ 900.00 / student

    Assembly Introduction
  • Concepts, terms
  • Top-Down usage
  • Design in Context
  • Assembly Navigator, menus
  • Load, Save Options
  • Work, Displayed parts
  • Master Models
    Building Assemblies
  • Add Components
  • Create Components
  • Reposition Components
  • Create, Change Reference Sets
  • Mating Conditions
  • Associativity
    Editing, Managing Assemblies
  • Substitute Components
  • Component Arrays
  • Inter-Part Expressions
  • Downstream usage
  • Mfg. Assy. files
  • Drafting Assy. files
  • Clone Assembly