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Course: NX3 Drafting


NX3 Drafting teaches you how to effectively communicate your design intent into 2D engineering documentation.

Students receive an in-depth look at the Drafting module, utilizing: Master models, Drawing and View management, Dimension creation, GD&T, editing and annotation.

Enroll in this class, if you need to create precise engineering drawings that are associative back to your 3D models.

  • Practical NX Design, or Modeling.
  • LIVE Online training requires each student attend a Free Demo of our Virtual Classroom, prior to their course.
Duration:    3 days, 8 hours per day at: Your Facility, or
                     6 days, 4 hours per day:      Live Online

Cost:            $ 900.00 / student
    Master model approach
  • Drawing Assembly files
  • Associativity
  • Cloaning Assemblies
    Drawings and Views
  • Create Sheets
  • Edit Sheets
  • Add Base View
  • Add Orthographic Views
  • Add Section & Detail Views
    Dimensions and Annotation
  • Regular, Baseline and Ordinate Dimensions
  • ID & Utility Symbols
  • Notes & GD&T
  • Appended Text
  • Title blocks